Couple - Family Enrichment Methodology

“The cases are excellent, and the study notes were very helpful. It was a good occasion for a date with my spouse.”


Programs offered by Family Enrichment make use of the case study method, which is a practical way of promoting dialogue about real life situations without being personal. Looking at the case from many viewpoints encourages couples to discover new ways to solve problems.

Applying the Method

  1. Read the case study and the notes.
  2. Read and discuss the case with your husband or wife.
  3. Meet as a couple with your small group to discuss the issues presented in the case.
  4. Attend a moderated general session to examine the facts and problems presented in the case and brainstorm solutions.

In each step of applying the method, the focus is on:

  1. Drawing out the facts (Who? What? Where? When?)
  2. Uncovering problems based on the facts (Why?)
  3. Discerning the appropriate solutions for the case (How?)

Glossary of Terms


Events, statements or situations in the case study that all agree on. This does not include personal interpretations, presumed causes or effects, possible motives or significance… only the hard facts.


Events, statements or situations in the case study that not everyone agrees are facts; clear difficulties that are unresolved in the case study… specific problems evident in the case study, which are uncovered through discussion in small group meetings and general sessions.


Solutions must be as tangible and practical as the facts they are based on and directly address the specific problems and their root causes identified in the small group or general session discussions.