Family Riding Bike - Family Enrichment FAQ

“I liked best that it wasn’t personal. The case study works!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the courses work?

  1. Each participant reads the case study independently.
  2. The case is discussed with your spouse.
  3. The couple meets with a small group comprised of four to five other couples for one hour at a place and time agreed upon by the small group.
  4. The couple attends a two-hour general session with all couples participating in the course. A trained moderator oversees this session.

Who are these courses designed for?

These courses are designed for all married couples wishing to deepen their marriage and family life.

What is the objective of these courses?

The objective of Family Enrichment courses is to help husbands and wives to be better spouses and better parents. These courses provide the couple with the knowledge and tools they need for greater marital happiness and family harmony.

How long do the courses last?

The length of each course varies; the average length of a course is three to five months.

What is required to take these courses?

A commitment from both the husband and wife to attend the sessions is required to take these courses.

Who provides these courses?

Courses are provided by Family Enrichment of Massachusetts, an organization affiliated with the non-profit International Federation for Family Development (IFFD). IFFD promotes a broad variety of initiatives for families and married couples. These programs seek to strengthen the family and support the husband and wife in an atmosphere of friendship.

Visit the IFFD website to learn more.